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Bizii has assisted many organisations in utilising online technology and services (such as websites, mobile marketing & social media) to connect with customers, and be more responsive to their needs. We stand ready to help you …..


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Have you seen our “FAQ” page … we answer many commonly asked questions there. We suggest you first read the FAQ then challenge us with the heavy questions ….

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Bizii provides a variety of services to enable a comprehensive view of your marketing strategy and deployment – as well as uncover unprofitable marketing campaigns and discover ways to maximise return on marketing investment.

Book an appointment with a Bizii marketing specialist – take advantage of these services, discover ‘leading edge’ marketing methodologies and experience a new era of profitability.

  • Business Marketing Review

    All bookings exhausted

    An examination of your current marketing strategy and deployment - focusing on how you generate visitor traffic (both locally & online), entice visitors to make a purchase, maximise the value of each sale (help customers to buy more), encourage repeat or complimentary purchases and inspire customer loyalty.

    Your marketing needs are defined along with problems associated with your current state. A comparison with 'best practice' methodologies yields recommendations for improvements.

    Deliverables: high level report including recommendations for change; supported by diagnostic data (SEO, website design, reputation etc).

    Investment = FREE

  • Market Positioning Audit

    All bookings exhausted

    A detailed analysis of marketing operations (including utilised technologies), market and competitor influences, and customer profiles; and comparison with 'best practice' methodologies .... ensures your business is responsive to market / competitor influences, customer focused and positioned for success.

    A clear picture of the current selling environment provides clarity of purpose and direction .... enabling an understanding of:
    - How is the market changing and how can your business adapt
    - What are your competitors doing differently and what is their success
    - Who are your best customers and where can you find more

    We assess opportunities and risks against industry best practice, define strategic objectives, and collaberatively plan development strategies.

    Deliverables: high level report including analysis of results, benchmarkeing against 'best practice', opportunity / risk profile .... along with recommendations for change (supported by diagnostic data).

    Investment = $ 597

  • Traffic Generation Audit

    All bookings exhausted

    A strategic, tactical and operational audit of 'search optimisation', 'display advertising', 'reputation marketing' and 'social marketing' is undertaken to assess your business' capabilities in generating new customer traffic. Your deployment capabilities are compared against industry 'best practice' to highlight where marketing efforts (and revenue) would produce optimal results.

    A positive presence across all online platforms is critical to business profitability & sustainability. Bizii ensures your brand & advertising remains prominently displayed in front of people searching for your products & services. An understanding of your marketing strengths, weaknesses and preferences is critical to achieving that goal.

    Deliverables: Comprehensive report detailing your current state, exposing competitor threats and highlighting marketing opportunities.

    Investment = $ 597

  • Sales Conversion Audit

    All bookings exhausted

    Traffic to a business (or website) is of no value if it’s not designed to convert visitors into buyers. We assess both in-house and online sales & marketing customer interactions, processes and conversion capabilities. Sales workflows are documented with particular attention to customer interaction sequencing, level of engagement, fullfillment of customer expectations and satisfying buyer purchasing criteria.

    Your results are compared to fully optimised sales environments ....The goal is to enable your website and in-house media to be a functional sales generating tool, which:
    - attracts and engages the visitor
    - educates the visitor on the unique value, perfect customer fit and trustworthiness you provide
    - makes the sale

    Deliverables: Report detailing your current state and itemised action plan, supported by personalised consultation.

    Investment = $ 597

  • Sales Maximisation Audit

    All bookings exhausted

    Assessment of processes and technology (in-house and online) utilised for encouraging customers to buy more. The audit focuses on your business' ability to educate and guide customers towards:
    - make purchases based on value and not price
    - purchasing complimentary products & services – “cross-sell”
    - upgrading to better (& more expensive) option – “up-sell”

    A comparison with 'best practice' sales methodologies / technologies yields actionable improvements in sales & marketing processes .... and consequently revenue.

    Deliverables: Report detailing your current state and itemised action plan, supported by personalised consultation.

    Investment = $ 597

  • Customer Value Audit

    All bookings exhausted

    This audit examines your direct marketing capabilities to existing customers, with the purpose of enticing them to buy complementary products or more of the same. Specifically we examin your incentivised direct marketing (coupons & limited offers) along with value added services .... and ability in enticing customers to keep coming back.

    A comparison with emerging marketing media yields actionable improvements in your ability to communicate your message directly to your customer.

    Deliverables: Report detailing your current state and itemised action plan, supported by personalised consultation.

    Investment = $ 597

  • Customer Loyalty Audit

    All bookings exhausted

    An audit of social communication channels, focusing on how you:
    - connect with your customer to discover critical consumer insights
    - build customer-centric marketing strategies for acquiring, retaining and nurturing customer relationships

    A comparison with emerging social marketing techniques yields actionable improvements to:
    - enhance the customer experience creating loyalty and brand advocacy
    - retain customers for longer and improve lifetime customer value
    - effect customer purchasing habits and therefore increase market share
    The aim is to make your customer relationships dramatically more profitable.

    Deliverables: Report detailing your current state and itemised action plan, supported by personalised consultation.

    Investment = $ 597

Resources …. Just for you

The following resources will equip you with information critical in:

  • assessing your current business environment
  • demonstrating marketing options & financial possibilities
  • exposing marketing risk & enabling in-depth discussions

If you hadn’t done so already, examine these resources …. and be equipped with the knowledge to demand results.


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